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Popular Questions And Answers

I'm nervous is that okay?

Yes! To be honest I get nervous meeting new people too. Sometimes I talk too much when I get really nervous, I hope that's okay. I promise once I get comfortable it gets better.

This is the main reason I have such a strict screening process. I screen for compatible personalities as well as for my personal safety. I will do my best to make us both as comfortable as possible.

How much time should I book?

I suggest the first meeting be two to three hours long so we can get to know each other. I'm looking to meet people I will continue to see for years, people who become good friends so I feel like this is a good investment for both of us. It usually takes me a few hours to get really comfortable with a new person, sometimes shorter and sometimes longer but two or three hours seems to work well for me.

If you are really nervous I suggest booking as much time as possible so we can have time to sit and talk over a meal or some drinks... or both!

If you haven't guessed I'm not in a hurry. I'm a super chill, down to earth type and like to take my time and enjoy myself. You know, long walks on the beach and all that, lol, you get what I mean.

Should I become a site member?

If you want to. Its free.

Members can view pages that are not available to visitors, like the Members Only Photo Gallery.

Members can sign up for email updates about site upgrades, discounts, specials, contest (yes, I run contest), new photos or video, etc..

Not excited about getting emails? That's okay, I don't send them out very often, usually once a month. Also, you can opt out at any time.

What exactly am I paying for?

Good question! Glad you asked it. ;)

I think it's safe to say everyone's experience and expectations are different so lets cut to the chase, you are paying for my time. That is all. Before you get too disappointed that doesn't mean we won't have a great time. The money I receive is compensation for reserving a specific time to be with you be that for a dinner date, photo shoot, hitting a casino or just hanging out an talking.

I do not offer any specific acts or services in exchange for monetary compensation, goods or services. Why? Because it's illegal. So please don't ask/solicit or negotiate for something I can't offer, plus it's just bad form and I will not respond to you.


Can I make request?

Yup, you sure can.

I appreciate hearing candid expressions of your interest and expectations, within reason. (see "What exactly am I paying for") I usually suggest saving specifics for the second meeting, things go much smoother once we've had a chance to get to know each other. Plus in person we can speak more freely and comfortably.

If you have a request for clothing or other attire I will do my best to accommodate you but in some cases you may have to provide the outfit yourself. For example, I don't own a banana costume and if that's your thing we can get together and work out how you can either get one in my size or compensate me for purchasing one for you to enjoy.

Some clients like to request specific places to meet. I have a budget based on the amount of money I expect to make for that day/trip and if your request works into my budget I'm happy to make that happen. How